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How To Femifest Goals that Truly Fulfill You

Twenty years of leading Visioning Circles has taught me that, before we are ready to manifest goals, we need to allow our intuitive, creative side to access images of those goals fulfilled. We begin with imagery to experience our most positive, brightest, future self who shows us the life we dream of.

Accessing spirit, we envision goals by doing collages, using visuals and the power of contemplative awareness to empower them. Femifesting envisions it already done, and has you sit in that amazing future, basking in the fulfillment of your highest visions, which draws your life to that realm of fruition.

Then comes manifesting, using the power of focused mind and planning tools to make goals measurable and achievable and easy to implement immediately. Right brain tools include mind-mapping, and priority setting, left brain tools include flow charts and time management tools.

S.M.A.R.T Goals

Approaching goals with the SMART goals approach is a practical, powerful way to consciously engineer achievement. For each goal visualized, take these steps to write out what you want. Make it:

Specific - State clearly exactly what you will do. Ask the "W" questions to make a goal specific: who, what, where, when, why and which. Include details, such as times, dates, quantity, etc.

Measurable - State how you will know when your goal is achieved. You should be able to see it on a clock, calendar, calculator, scale, etc.

- The goal must be within your ability to achieve.

Realistic - The goal is within the range of probability. It is likely, with devoted effort, that you can develop the ability to do it. If it seems too far-fetched, your mind may not have the faith to propel action, too easy and it's unlikely to stretch you to achieve worthwhile results. Look for the balance between those two.

Timely or time-structured - Actions take place within time. Your goal should have a specific end point in time so you can organize your actions within that timeframe. Satisfaction comes from knowing when you have reached your goal completion point and celebrate!

Examples of vague goals:
Lose weight.
Get in shape
Start email marketing in my business.
Have more fun in life.

Examples of SMART goals:

Eat 6 servings each of veggies and fruits per day and only whole grains and organic proteins to achieve a reduced weight of 134 by June 2014.

Join a gym by next Friday and work out 30 minutes three times a week for the rest of the month.

Create a discounted renewal offer and email it to my inactive prospect database by Thursday.

Call three of my closest friends and invite them to game night on Saturday.

Set Up Support for Your Plans on a Regular Basis

Once a SMART goal is set, help ensure it is achieved by putting a support structure in place. Explore how you can create mutual support with friends or colleagues, perhaps with weekly meetings and/ or a follow-up email, phone call, or other action to keep each other on track.

You might study the Mastermind Process where each of you can ask for that kind of support. Often it is easier to achieve more with peer support than we do by ourselves, so leverage the power of your peers by enlisting their help with agreements and intentions you've set for yourself.

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