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Sacred Evening for Lovers

Enjoy being guided through an evening devoted to erotic arts, tailored to your relationship, and designed to deepen your private lovemaking. We set intentions as we build an altar to your love, then explore doorways to Eros through ritual, breath, and movement.

We may work with learning aspects of sensual and erotic touch. Pleasure mapping helps you discover how your touch can most deeply meet the needs of your beloved and honor them. You learn erotic ways to ask for what you want and offer feedback so that your words or sounds increase the erotic connection. Couples discover things about each other that they might not have ever known, even in years of being together.

New facets of your love are revealed as you are guided to speak with loving kindness and touch each other's souls. You may stay at the Temple and enjoy it and the hot tub for private intimacies after we complete. Overnights can be added to your package, making it a delicious and fulfilling romantic getaway for you both.

"The Sacred Evening for Lovers is the best thing we have done for our relationship so far.  Many thanks for your inspired teaching and especially for your specific outreach to women. Thank you also for the care you took to create a safe place and comfortable space for this intimate and private work/play. 

Your thoughtful guidance and coaching has allowed us to enhance our time together in ways we never imagined. Just sitting next to each other on the sofa after a long day at work is a deep pleasure.  Thank you.  

We picked up a few items for our relationship alter on the way home and are practicing the techniques you taught us. Our connection is growing deeper and richer."
~ B & J, long term couple


$250 for 3 hours

Gift Certificates Are Available!