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Hearts Cracked Open: A Documentary Film about Tantra for Women Who Love Women
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Hearts Cracked Open provides the first in-depth look inside the world of lesbian Tantra with its ancient ecstatic practices and sexual techniques. Through interviews with Tantra teachers and students, workshop footage, and daily practices, Hearts Cracked Open celebrates sexuality and coupling in the lesbian community while also promoting discussion about this usually hidden aspect of our lives. We invite you to witness the transformative power of Tantra to crack open the heart as women reclaim the fullness of their beings.

In addition to the documentary film, the DVD includes over 50 minutes of Special Features!

Through attention to eye gazing, sacred touch, and the breath, the film depicts Shaman healer and Tantra teacher, Marcia Singer, introducing beginning students to basic Tantra principles in Los Angeles. In Santa Barbara, Pamela Madison teaches lesbian Tantra weekends which address not only the deepening of spiritual connection between partners but also the nitty-gritty of sexual techniques ranging from the Fire Breath Orgasm to G-Spot massage and sex toy use. In Santa Rosa, Evalena Rose's advanced 6-month, women-only Tantra group gives the viewer an inside look at the exercises and ritual practices of a puja (worshipful circle) with its dancing, sensual feasting and techniques to awaken the sexual energy in the body. The love goddess extraordinaire, Annie Sprinkle, delights with her vast knowledge of sacred sexuality as she shares her own personal Tantric path which has been culled from fellow teachers all over the world.

Blissfire Tantra: A Woman's Guided Erotic Pleasuring Meditation
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- $18.00

Erotic self pleasuring meditations help a woman awaken her inner lover and fall in love with herself. As you deepen in self love and understanding, you further your capacity for authentic and fulfilling love with another. Designed to be enjoyed in the privacy of your own bed or sanctuary, this CD takes your inner journey beyond where we can go in workshops to increase your tolerance for pleasure and ecstasy.

An erotic meditation has no end goal save presence and openness to the moment. As you enter into the moment and focus on feeling whatever sensations arise, you discover more about the inner landscape of your erotic world and the range of feelings of which you are capable.

Enjoy this enchanting journey set to the beautiful, sacred music of Sophia. Regularly using this practice can expand your capacity to hold an erotic charge and experience ecstatic states. It can deepen your love affair with the Inner Beloved. Once you understand the practice, simply play the third cut and bask in the afterglow. Click here for more on erotic pleasuring and here for a basic introduction to Tantric Breath Practices.

1. Introduction to Erotic Pleasuring as a Spiritual Practice 4:52
2. The Basics of the Practice 5:28
3. The Practice 27:14
4. Blessed Am I ~~ Sophia 3:10

Sophia: Vocals, Zither, Keyboard
Sharon Neal Williams: Cover Art

"Your CD is absolutely wonderful."

"After I listened to your CD, the rest of my week I felt terrific: alive, awake, potent, motivated, upbeat, vibrant. I can't remember the last time I had a week feeling that good and being that focused and productive!"

"I appreciate not only the pleasure aspect of the CD, but all the soothing self-loving affirmations, just what I am needing right now. I truly believe this is a path which leads to more wholeness for me. I am becoming more orgasmic; I have orgasms more easily and more frequently. This is a true gift. (My partner) has noticed that I am more able to get to higher states of arousal. Hard to believe it will probably get even better!"

Chakra Healing Chants by Sophia
order online - $18.00

 Embark on a healing journey through the Chakras on a river of sacred sound with Sophia's inspiring and soothing vocals of ancient and original chants, accompanied by stellar musicians. Perfect to accompany love-making, for yoga, sacred dance, and healing arts. 

Return by Sophia
order online - $18.00

 This music is prayer of celebration of the Goddess in all her glorious forms, and an invocation of the Shekhinah, the Formless Feminine that inspires the song of Creation.

Sophia sings with lush, full accompaniment a prayer of celebration of the Goddess in her many glorious forms, from angelic to erotic.

Luminous Cocoon: A Journey to the Crystal Singers Temple
order online - $20.00

 Guided by Ariel Spilsbury, (Author of The Mayan Oracle, for which this is a sound analog.)

Crystalline sounds and a guided meditation that bathe you in the waters of remembrance, helping you awaken to the higher evolutionary coding of your essence.

Beloved by Karen Drucker
order online - $18.00

 Karen's most recent album of songs with positive, life-affirming messages featuring a full band and back-up singers. Includes a beautiful love song, uplifting dance-along tunes, and sweet meditative tunes that take you deep within and celebrate life.

Songs of the Spirit III by Karen Drucker
order online - $18.00

 Twelve song/chants that can be used for healing, gratitude, and starting and ending the day. Includes "I Am Loved", "Gentle With Myself", and "Song In My Soul."

Songs of the Spirit II by Karen Drucker
order online - $18.00

 Karen's popular album of inspirational, positive-affirmational sing-along chants. Eleven song/chants that can be used for healing, gratitude, starting and ending the day. Includes prosperity chants, blessing chants, and songs that remind you who you truly are.


Songs of the Spirit I by Karen Druckerorder online- $18.00

Karen's first all-chanting album. Eleven songs of inspiration, gratitude, healing, worship and giving yourself permission to be, do, and have whatever you desire. Includes "Oh Mother God," "Are You Ready to Receive?" and "Woman's Spirit." Karen's most requested album yet!


All About Love by Karen Drucker -
order online - $18.00

A collection of songs with a positive message featuring a full band and back-up singers. Thirteen songs reflecting Karen's humorous and soulful message, "All About Love" with empowerment, fulfillment and recognition of all that you have and already are.


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