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Privacy Policy

Your personal information including name, address, phone number, email, date of birth, etc. will always be kept private and confidential. This includes when you email, write, or call us, when you enroll for LoveJourney's events, and when you purchase products from us.

We never sell our database and we treat your information with conscious care. We rarely send information on events other than our own. You can always be asked to be taken off our email list, snailmail list, or any portion of them (such as, no emails about introductory events, please).

Refund Policy

Once you sign up for a day long or weekend event, you can request a complete refund up to 10 days before that event, or request that the fees be transferred to another weekend. We will retain $25 to cover administrative costs and fees charged by credit card companies.

Within 10 days of the event, the non-refundable deposit listed on the literature will be retained to cover costs of handling your registration, and the remaining fee can be refunded or transferred. We will honor such transfer one time to another event and the credit must be utilized within one year.

Within seven days of the event, no refunds will be honored, except under extreme circumstances when we might consider a partial refund if your space can be filled. Be aware that we will have already expended funds to provide for your participation in the days prior to the event.

Once a program starts, all fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.
Workshop seats are transferable up to the day of the event--if you cannot attend you can send someone else, of your same gender, in your place.

For the Six Month Group, the above policy applies to the first weekend only. You may decide within two weeks of the second weekend that you want a complete refund and your monies minus the non-refundable deposit and minus the fee required for the first weekend, will be refunded or transferred. You will be asked to complete a financial agreement form that commits you to all six weekends and to paying for all regardless of reasons for not attending. Thus, no refunds will be made after the two week grace period after the first of the six weekends.

Exception: If you are asked to leave a workshop by the staff of LoveJourney, for any reason, your fees minus the non-refundable deposit, may be refunded. If you are asked to leave the on-going six month group, your fees will be retained for weekends you have completed and your fees, minus the non-refundable deposit, will be refunded for any remaining weekends.

If we cancel the event, your fees will be refunded in full, or you can transfer them to an
up-coming event.

Evening Classes:
For evening classes, your payment can be transferred to another evening, one time only, if we are informed at least two hours in advance of the evening that you will not be attending.

Product Purchases:
For DVD's and CD's, if they arrive damaged, you may return them and request a replacement. Upon receipt of the damaged item, we will mail you a new copy of it with no shipping charge.

If the DVD or CD is not damaged and has not yet been opened, you may return it for credit
minus any shipping charges.

We do not accept returns on open, undamaged DVD's or CD's.