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Awakening to Sacred Union


Exploring Intimacy and Tantric Arts

A 6 month group for women of all sexual preferences
Led by Evalena Rose, assisted by guest teachers

Dates: TBD

Click here to hear more about the group with Evalena Rose and Lindy James

Learn ancient Tantric arts blending spirituality and sexuality
Awaken to the Goddess in yourself and your partner
Recapture your sensual, erotic nature in sacred, healing ways
Access states of ecstasy and full body orgasm
Enjoy amazing connections in heart-warming rituals
Create a lifestyle that supports happiness and bliss
Practice communications that sustain healthy intimacy
Explore tools to share your truth and hear another's
Learn to gently unravel power struggles with your beloveds
Feel how healthy boundaries deepen trust and connection
Adopt sensual and erotic ways to ask for what you want
Expand into your full emotional vitality and sexual passion
Release blocked chakras to be more fully Who You Are
Express your full range of emotions in a safe circle of women
Ease wounds of childhood abuse or painful relationships
Heal through sacred touch and sensual, erotic massage
Develop skills that allow you to joyously stay in love & passion

Join this ever-deepening community of women bonding in sacred heart space. Open your heart and embody your soul.

Deep changes ensue.


Six powerful and transformative weekends practicing ancient arts of intimacy and passion in an on-going, ever-deepening group. Enjoy the delights of energy-moving breathwork, imagery, movement, and of improving your body image. Awaken your sensuality through sexual healing, sacred temple dancing, and erotic massage.

Women couples broaden their range of connecting, work through power struggles, clear stuck places, and revitalize romance. Single women and women with partners that are not present become more self-loving, open to higher levels of relationship, and safely fulfill their sensual and erotic needs. Together, we celebrate ourselves in deeply fulfilling, heart-centered rituals.

Why an on-going group?
An on-going group offers the continuity of contact that helps you integrate these tools from many spiritual paths into your life, a process that takes time. Solid, sustainable growth comes from using the practices regularly, so we recommend daily and weekly practice. Women meet outside the workshop to breathe together and explore sacred, sensual exchanges within safe boundaries.

What do we actually do in a Tantra Workshop?
We work in our spacious workshop room enhanced by a vaulted ceiling and a wall of windows looking out upon beautiful gardens. Five Assistants serve to give each woman individual attention to free up and reclaim her body, to learn the undulations that move kundalini, and to work through any emotions that come up.  Floor work helps retrain your body to remember these natural movements.

In preparing for deeper exchanges such as in a Puja (a skillfully led spiritual ceremony) we thoughtfully discuss ways to take care of ourselves while respecting and honoring boundaries.  We meet in deep presence to practice these romantic and erotic arts together.

   "This work has made a huge shift in my life and allowed me to open to a grander love than I have ever experienced."

SATURDAY :  For those who stay over night, each day begins with a sumptuous breakfast & time to connect with one another.  The days are filled with gracefully led exercises, allowing easy & comfortable contact with new and familiar friends, teaching the fundamentals of Tantra.  These skills build upon each other, month after month. 

Our evening Puja provides the sweetest, kindest, most nurturing connections you could imagine.  Each interaction deepens your connection with yourself and opens possibilities for truly meeting others, "essence to essence". 

Women find themselves feeling happy, nourished, fed, honored, accepted, and appreciated, often laughin g with delight, sometimes crying out old wounds, and almost universally ending up feeling satiated and satisfied.

  "With Evalena's loving guidance, I broke through emotional
     blocks & fully opened to my erotic potential & ecstasy."       

SUNDAY: Sunday brings the deep, meditative work of reclaiming our sexuality and our passion, along with sharing our amazing experiences from the Puja.  We may do sacred or erotic touch or deeply healing internal work about coming into a loving relationship with our own sexual nature. 

Each month we learn more arts for sustaining relationships & romance, some fun & playful, some deeply connecting, & some designed to clear ancient blocks to ecstasy.  We complete with exchanges that appreciate & honor all we've risked (and gained), closing with a spiral dance celebrating our love community. 

Month by month, we build & deepen friendships & intimacies that enrich our lives now and can last a lifetime.

Guest teachers may share their advanced work and teach erotic dance that makes you simply fall in love with your own body. 

Delicious & nourishing meals are served, plus fortifying snacks. Two hot tubs sit in exquisite, private gardens.

  "Yummy, insightful, clearing, fulfilling, healing, playful, explorative, helpful, informative, loving, utterly great and exactly what I needed!!"

Who attends these workshops:

Some women have thought this group only for lesbians, but it's broader than that. Over a third of the women are lesbian, nearly a third bisexual, a couple mysexual (my sexuality is my own and I choose who to be sexual with regardless of gender), and several heterosexual women. About three fourths are singles and a fourth are couples, tho a few singles are in relationship with women or men outside the group. The same spread is true of the assistants.

Women are coming from the East Bay, San Francisco, all over Sonoma County, and a couple other states. We arrange car pools for those who'd like to ride with another.

"This was an incredible 6 month journey. Evalena and the assistants are deeply grounded in their humanity and each seems to have made peace with the pain of her own life, creating a clear path for the rest of us to follow on our journeys toward bliss! A totally safe and supportive place to re-discover your passion and your joy!"

Open your heart and embody your soul

Saturdays 10:30 am - 10:00 pm, Sundays 10:30 am -5:30 pm

Registration: To be announced.

Overnight lodging and breakfast: $35 per person per night. Work exchange is available for cooking, set-up and cleanup, promotion and gardening. Payment plans can be arranged. Scholarships available for women with demonstrated financial need.

Click here for work exchange application.
Click here for scholarship application.

Held in Sebastopol, just 15 minutes west of Santa Rosa, CA, (75 minutes north of San Francisco) in a lovely private retreat center in a rural setting with a hot tub, gardens and private decks.

Call or email info@tantraforwomen.com for details and information about airport transportation and/or lodging. 

For information on lodging available on the property - Click here
. You must commit to attending all six meetings and to paying for all, even if you miss one or discontinue the group regardless of the reason. 
Only you can fill your space.
You may attend the first weekend before committing to the entire series to explore if you want to participate in the remaining five weekends.

"Very, very special. Surprising, mysterious, connected, spiritual, high-spirited, well-grounded, SAFE, exciting, quite amazing and satisfying"
- L. M., participant
"What an opportunity to truly relate to other women in a deep, loving sensual way with such full support from the leaders and assistants. My heart has opened more fully and my community has expanded."
- J. P., participant in two 6-month groups
This group truly changed my life. I am more open, loving, more willing to be authentic.
- M. C., participant
"I love experiencing the aliveness and vitality of being truly present when intimate. Evalena skillfully helps you move past the fear and vulnerability of being authentic ."
- T. D., participant

"This group has changed how I move through the world, opening a capacity for ecstatic living and for being very present as I engage with others and with life."
-T.O., participant