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Tantra Links:

Resources on this path: books, tapes, videos, schedules of leading teachers of Tantra and Sacred Sexuality, on-line discussion forums. For a good description of tantra: tantra.com/mission/secrets.html

Hearts Cracked Open
"Tantra for Women Who Love Women" is an hour documentary providing an in-depth look inside the world of lesbian Tantra with its ancient ecstatic practices and sexual techniques. Through interviews with Tantra teachers and students, workshop footage and daily practices, Hearts Cracked Open shows how Tantra leads to physical and emotional healing, deepening of connection and communication, sexual growth, and strengthening of one's connection with the Divine. heartscrackedopen.com

Carla's Tantra Temple
I offer private Tantric love-coaching sessions and workshops in New York, Maui, and California, using authentic rituals, Tantric massage, Kama Sutra and yogic techniques to greatly enhance your self-esteem as lovers. My sessions guide you to discover your fabulous inner lover that can pleasurably merge with another on all levels—physical, emotional and spiritual. Your lovemaking becomes a meditation in motion—a dance between autonomy and merging, taking you to the highest orgasmic and spiritual realms.

Tantra At Tahoe Sacred Sexuality Ebooks & Training
FREE "Sacred Sexual Secrets" newsletter & Special Report helps you create sensational sexual ecstasy by merging sex, heart, and spirit. We offer ejaculation mastery courses, and hands-on training. tantraattahoe.com/web/links/

Shakti Iva Padmini
Ipsalu Tantra is an accelerated path to living in bliss, through the art and science of Tantric Kriya Yoga. Ipsalu focuses on realizing your magnificence, attention to emotional clearing, and yogic techniques for safely activating our cosmic consciousness - kundalini. Shakti Padmini, recognizing sexual energy as a portal to divinity, is committed to opening doors to expanding consciousness for others. Check her events and multitude of private offerings (including Tantric approach to pregnancy and birth).

Satya offers Old Soul Wakeup Calls in California, using breath and body awareness, movement, bodywork, yoga and Tantra theory, modern metaphysical healing techniques, and a good dose of intuition to remind you of your power and essential goodness. oldsoulwakeupcalls.com

Dr. Corynna Clarke's Tantric Goddess Temple
Goddess Temple is an organization of Tantra teachers, body workers, relationship counselors, massage therapists, sex surrogates, intuitive healers, Certified Tantric Educators, hypnotherapists, yoga practitioners and other systems of personal empowerment.

The Tantric Heart
Martin Barba CTE, has been practicing the Healing/Spiritual Arts since the 1990s. His main focus of training has been Tantra, Ortho-Bionomy, Tantsu, and Living Ritual (ceremonial magic) as a means of brining harmony and healing into the body and the lifestyle.

BeFree Tantra Institute, Germany
School of Love Online...with Tantra Downloads, Tantra Seminars and Retreats. The BeFree Tantra School of Love offers comprehensive information about tantra, tantra massage, tantra rituals, and the BeFree area of expertise: female ecstasy.

The Institute for Ecstatic Living offers Tantra seminars and Tropical Tantra vacation retreats (in Costa Rica, Mexico and on cruises) for couples and singles. The Institute was established in 1999 and is led by Steve & Lokita Carter, the official successors to Margot Anand in the USA. Steve & Lokita have taught over 325 workshop to more than 14,000 people across the USA. They are based in Northern California, teach regularly at Harbin Hot Springs, and are also faculty of Omega Institute in NY, and NY Open Center. Steve & Lokita Carter's events and offerings are renowned for their safety, sacredness and the spiritual flavor and insight they bring to the participants' lives, sexuality, relationships and the rest of the world.

Lotus Heart Tantra
Sunyata Satchitananda is a Daka-Sacred Intimate , Certified Tantric Healer and Reiki Master. He provides Tantric Healing and Erotic Enrichment sessions for women, men, and couples.

Butterfly Spirit
Musicians and Fine Artists for World Peace is a network of musicians, artists & performers working to promote events & concerts focused on peace & raising global consciousness.

One Heart Tantra
One Heart Tantra is a tool for awakening the senses and bringing you into a new awareness of ecstasy and bliss that can take you beyond the senses and into a direct experience of yourself as Love. Tantra massage, coaching, soul guidance and sacred sexuality for women, men and couples. Events for women only and mixed plus private and professional training.


Music & Photography Links:

Ananda Fierro, Bay Area Photography
Photojournalistic portait, event and travel images
Many of the photos on our websites are from Ananda.
Capturing peak, spontaneous beauty and divine expression within life's precious moments!

Carole Isis  *  Singer/Songwriter
Songs For Peace And The Awakening Heart. email to: carole@isisongs.com. For pure soul connection, beautiful original songs and words that touch and awaken you, see the work of Carole Isis on her website. isisongs.com


Health & Healing Links:

Reiki Healing Path
Discover the healing energy of Reiki with a free distant reiki treatments. Distant Healing courses in Usui Reiki, Karuna Ki Reiki and Lavender Flame Initiation. Free Angelic Light Initiation with all Reiki Healing Path Courses. Send a healing e-card or read a monthly energy report.

Herbal Serenity
Herbal Serenity - intergrating chinese and western herbal medicine, aromatherapy and essential oils into modern healthcare treatment. herbalserenity.com.au

Lotus Healing Bodywork
Jasmati offers Tantra Coaching and bodywork in Chicago. The foundation of all her service offerings is presence and authentic connection between Giver and Receiver.

Sharon Leilani helps people expand joy through healing touch, life coaching, spirit dance, chi gung, sound healing, meditiation, sensualtiy and tantra. She has synergized many of the best of healing techniques with over 17 years experience. Leilani offer playshops, retreats and private sessions. She loves to help people open up their energy flow for more Spirit, Fun and Connection.

Vibrant Skin Therapy
An advanced massage technique for beauty and health. For Women and Men . Reduces significantly or eliminates: wrinkles and skin crepe, double chins, jowls, "turkey-necks", "wings" under the arms, Dowager's hump, pain in the skin, and swelling from surgery.

Tantric Massage for Women and Couples, UK
Authentic professional Tantric Massage for women to explore sensual depths, empower femininity, reconnect with your inner self, receive sexual healing and improve your sex life. Tantric Massage teaching is also offered to couples to learn how to gretly improve your sex life with Tantric Massage at home.

Yoga with Shyama: Yoga classes, Kirtan (chanting), and Meditation; Sebastopol
Shyama offers a level of mastery in her yoga classes that is rare. She connects with the needs of each student, gives personal attention, gently supports a very deep meditation experience within the asana practice, and offers multi-layered instruction to include all of our parts (physical body, emotions, organs, subtle body, male/female parts, power, wisdom, etc.). Her classes are 'by donation' because Shyama wants what she offers to be accessible to everybody.


Miscellaneous Links:

Debra Giusti, Founder of Harmony Festival
Event/festival producer, dancer & dance teacher and spiritual adventurer in Sebastopol, CA


Sexuality & Relationships Links:

M. Francesca Gentille - Diva of Divine Relationships
Member the American Association of Sex Educators Counselors & Therapists
Relationship, Life & Sexuality Coach LifeDanceCenter.com


Spirituality Links:

Celebrations of Love
Evalena studied with Celebrations of Love and was the Therapist in their workshops led by Lori Grace Star and Robert Frey for many years.  celebrationsoflove.com

Fading Toward Enlightenment - Life between the Ego and the Ethereal
Spiritual Seekers are different. A photographic epic of how one man learned to live between the material and the mystical worlds.

Pleasure Center for Modern Women. Featuring: art, heart, sacred sexuality, passion, romance, paranormal, spirituality, spicy stories, erotica, love techniques, fabulous recipes and more.

If you have a web site you would like us to link to, let us know. Send an email message to info@tantraforwomen.com