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Evoking Divine Passion
for Women Only

A Weekend Workshop for Beginning
& Advanced Tantrikas

New Dates TBA

Led by Evalena Rose, with an exquisite team of Assistants
At LoveJourney Temple in beautiful Sebastopol, California

Learn ancient arts linking spirituality & sexuality
Enhance your capacity for deeply satisfying intimacy
Learn breathing that energizes and empowers your life
Access states of ecstasy and open to full body orgasm
Explore healthy boundaries and good communication
Awaken your sensual and erotic nature
Connect heart to heart in high Tantric ritual
Become your own best beloved!
This workshop is a wonderful immersion into the joys of Tantra through healing exchanges that deepen your connection with yourself, others, and all of life. Learn to move kundalini, raise sexual energy, and enhance pleasure through breath, imagery, and undulatory practices that encourage ecstatic states.

Explore safe boundaries and healthy communication skills as we celebrate our sensual selves. Sacred dance, singing, and sexual healing peak in a lovely Puja, a deeply fulfilling Tantric ritual of heart-centered interactions.

People report their passions returning, gains in self esteem, more expansive relationships and enjoying more love. Those who've been wounded sexually gain from the support of empathetic assistants and guest leaders who help them release these wounds and their effects. We reclaim sovereignty over our bodies. Come to develop the arts of eros and romance.

“Evalena creates such a loving and supportive container. The emphasis on universal love, and self as beloved, truly creates a sacredness to the whole weekend. I love Tantra. It’s healing, spiritual, embodied and fun!”

As in ancient temples, women and couples who have practiced Tantra for years, many in the healing arts, help you open to the realms of healthy relationships. We seek solid, sustainable growth, with therapists available to offer support in facing the challenges in becoming more erotic and sensual.

You join a compassionate community enjoying the pleasures of blossoming into love. Singles become their own best beloved and more available to sacred union. Couples find a safe haven for revitalizing passion and eroticism and to open to new levels of connection and communication.

   "Life altering and heart opening. It brings me to the truth of who I am.

Find your passion returning, gain self esteem, feel expanded in your relationships and enjoy more love. The nuturing atmosphere created by therapeutically trained assistants helps sexual wounds heal and release. We reclaim sovereignty over our bodies.

Saturday evening's wonderful interactive circle allows us to practice intimate and romantic arts in ways so joyful and sacred, it heals the heart. What a privilege to be among those who celebrate our awakening sensuality and a joy to have our true nature reflected back to us.

"What a wonderful time of self searching and accepting self love while interacting with others. I am still in a state of bliss (5 days later) with an amazing awareness and appreciation of my body."

Women only events include lesbian, bi and hetero women - singles and couples.

"I have grown and opened like a flower. Evalena's expert care has allowed me to be my true self in the company of women."


We explore the spiritual practices of Tantric breath work, learning how to move kundalini through the body in ways that create ecstatic states. We celebrate ourselves in song and sacred dance as well as heart-centered and joyous ritual. Exploring movement and meditative work around eros helps you come to fully live in your body and be more available for pleasure and passion.

You'll enjoy sweet, heart-centered ways of connecting and getting to know each other through a variety of interactions and exercises. Through our study of boundaries, verbal and energetic, you'll learn how you usually connect plus new options for deeper contact while staying in your own heart, available to receive. You'll learn erotic communication, developing ways to ask for what you want where both people gain what they desire.

"Another life-altering event in the Temple! Amazing how you keep evolving!"

You'll find Assistants helping you with individual attention as needed to help you free up your body, learn the undulations that move kundalini, and work through any emotions ready for release. The orgasm reflex work helps retrain your body to remember these natural movements.

We thoughtfully discuss ways to take care of yourself while respecting and honoring boundaries. We consciously prepare people for Saturday's Puja so everyone can fully open to ejoy this celebration of pleasure, an delightful way to practice skills we study.

"The richness of this work is extraordinary. A true temple of the Goddess -- so sacred, full of love, safe, full of power. An exquisite journey of love."

The Puja provides opportunities for the sweetest, kindest, most nurturing connections you could possibly imagine. Each interaction deepens your connection with yourself and opens possibilities for truly meeting others "Essence to Essence". Women find themselves feeling happy, nourished, fed, honored, accepted, and appreciated, often laughing with delight, sometimes crying out old wounds, and almost universally ending up feeling satiated and satisfied.

"My partner and I had a beautiful time, so close. Each station was unique, some purely spiritual, some highly charged with sexual energy. Truly a privilege to share so intimately with remarkable women."

On Sunday, we do deep meditative work of reclaiming our sexuality and our passion, then we share from the amazing experiences of the Puja. You'll learn erotic communication practices that help both people get what they want from exchanges and make for more joy in relationship.

We may do sacred or erotic touch or some deeply healing internal work about coming into a loving relationship with our own sexual nature. We complete with one on one exchanges that help us appreciate and honor all we've risked and gained, and end with a song and spiral dance celebrating our growing community.

"Yummy, insightful, clearing, fulfilling, healing, playful, explorative, helpful, informative, loving, utterly great and exactly what I needed!!"

Many singles and some couples, mostly heterosexual.
Couples may choose to do the exercises together all or in part -- all choices are honored. Your dakini team (temple servants) include two couples deeply in love who will demonstrate ways of entering Tantric exchanges and sacred touch. More singles then couples come, enjoying many delightful partners within our well-boundaried container. People return who have studied Tantra for years, and breathing with them helps new people more easily embody the work.

People arrive from the East Bay, San Francisco, Sacramento, all over Sonoma County, and sometimes other states. We arrange car pools for those who'd like to either drive or ride with another.

We have some scholarship monies for those who can demonstrate financial need and we get very creative around finances, so talk to us about your needs. Some work exchange remains in setup both mornings and take down, plus help with gardening or home repair if that is your skill. We arrange payment plans for up to four months, with you setting the payment schedule. We may have partial stipends for single women who are needed for gender balancing.

Please email or call if you have any interest in pursuing this further or attending. Blessings and may Peace reign in our hearts and upon our planet.

"A wonderfully explorative and expansive experience. Stretch my inner being to great heights."

Fri. 7-10PM, Sat. 10AM-10PM, Sun. 10:30AM-5:30PM
Friday evening we introduce the basics of Tantra and begin building sacred, safe community. Saturday evening is a Puja, a circle of interactive, heart-centered connections in gentle ritual space to enjoy practicing skills we're learning and to celebrate our empowered sensuality.

Registration will be announced.

For information on lodging available on the property - Click here
Breakfast and hot tub included. Or contact us for local hotels and B&Bs info@tantraforwomen.com or 707/824-1118.

Held in Sebastopol, just 15 minutes west of Santa Rosa, CA., (75 miles north of San Francisco) in a lovely retreat center in a rural setting with a hot tub and private decks.  Call or e-mail for information on airporters and carpooling.

Reclaim your sexuality and your passion!

"Absolutely wonderful! Exceeded my expectations. Loved the safe, warm, open loving connections were created, and the input and wisdom from seminar leaders and helpers, all of whom are wonderful."
~ B.S., participant

"What a wonderful time of self searching and acceptance of self love while interacting with others. I am still in a state of bliss (5 days later) and have an amazing awareness and appreciation of my body."
~ participant

"Evalena provides a luscious enviroment for all to experience the realization that pleasure heals!"
~ participant

No explicit sexual activity is ever required or suggested.  Our careful work with boundaries maintains safe and sacred space, supporting each woman in finding her best level of participation.  Women of all sexual preferences are welcome, both couples and singles.