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Goddess Emerging
By Evalena Rose, M.A.

Goddess is emerging once again in our hearts and in our lives. As we open to Her presence, we find ourselves more deeply true to our own nature and more fully supported in unfolding. She is like rain that waters the land and sun that coaxes forth fruit and flower.

Call Her into your life in a myriad of ways, asking one goddess or another to assist you, guide you, bring you the people and resources you need. As you "talk" to Goddess through prayer and by making requests of her various archetypal expressions, you open yourself to receive. She finds fulfilling your desires useful in helping you sustain constancy in your spiritual endeavors.

One's egoic mind often wants to yammer on about all the ways you are not getting what you want, but how much of that is ego trying to protect its turf and how much is the conscious mind being unable to see beyond what it knows? I find the greater fun is to open to possibilities that Goddess, guides, angels, Ascended Masters, and my Higher Self can indeed help influence things in ways helpful to all concerned, and that this is within the grand design of the One Being of whom we all are a part.

It seems too boring to me to think of existence as only those we can see. I love to postulate a much more complex and interesting universe, such as described in many esoteric texts as being of many realms and planes. I see all of these are aspects of the Great Mother Goddess who has given birth to it all. I now see that while God and Goddess are equal, there must have been a Mother before there was a God, no matter how omnipotent He is. As we call forth that Great Mother individually or in our ritual circles, we find that She wants to move in our lives, that creation is an on-going process in which She invites us to consciously participate. I've always wondered about the biblical praise: "Pray unceasingly", and believe now it means talk to your Creatrix throughout the day so that you remember to keep in touch. Each deity worshipped throughout the ages is another gateway to the Over-Reaching All. Prayers to any goddess, god, bodhisattva, or Ascended Master contribute to the bridge from your heart to She who created you.

Goddess is birthed into your heart and life by your continual invitation which allows you to tap resources beyond those your personality understands. Living in the mystery is much more entertaining than living in our limitations. Why not believe more is possible than you can see? Miracles happen every day and you can put yourself into the path of them by your requests for specific gifts, right timing, great jobs, homes, or relationships when you make your needs fully known.

You might say Goddess exists in your world to the extent you invite Her in. She is accepting of all, including your spiritual forgetfulness. Patience Itself, She readily receives you when you turn back to the Divine. She does not require or need your belief. Belief is for you, to hold you steady to your course, to keep you open to the best life has to offer. If you expand your beliefs to include more abundance, more love, or more success, and dissolve negating thoughts as they arise, you will find your life expands to match the new beliefs. Once you are on a roll, it feels like magic.

Life happens and can knock you off course. The Great Mother Goddess is the flow that helps you find your way again when you remember to connect in and let the higher realms of your own Being guide the way. Each of us exists on seven planes of consciousness and She awakens in us as we allow ourselves to open to dimensions above this third one. You might say we are waking to the reality that has always been so. We just couldn't see Her while in our limited linear, Piscean, patriarchal orientation.

It feels so good to awaken. Thank Goddess, for we need to again and again, till we develop the capacity to stay in a light-filled, connected space from which surrender is the only way to go. When we move high enough into our own being, we reach a plane where we are undifferentiated from the One Being, so we surrender to our true nature, not to someth ing outside of our self. Goddess awakens as each one of us, as we awaken to the knowledge we are Her. Simple, when you give over trying to make anything happen and work through communion with your Source.

One of many ways to pray: Great Mother God. Open me to the presence of your love and your light in my life. Make of me a clear vessel for You to shine through. Dissolve in me all that blocks awareness of You, and re-create me in Thy likeness, rebirth me as Thy Daughter (Son), child of Thy Heart. Align my little will with Thy Divine Will and may I easily know what is best for me. Guide my thoughts, my words, my actions, and help me feel You moving in my life. Allow me to see the miracles of the outflowing of Thy love. Blessed Be.

With the support of assistants who are trained in erotic and healing arts, we recreate these safe havens in which to learn the wisdom our ancestors passed on for generations.  Women who've studied Tantra before, including elders, healers, dancers, and singers help new women open to the Inner Lover and widen their capacity for pleasure and ecstasy.  I believe I see Goddess smiling.