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The Goddess Returns
by Evalena Rose, M.A.

Goddess is returning to earth.  She is returning in each one of us who remembers that we are She.  She was lost when we went unconscious to Her during centuries of repression, hatred, torture, and prejudice for women who followed her.  We were lost one by one, and now She returns as we find ourselves, one by one.

 It's beautiful to see how much more Spirit blossoms in us with every passing year.  So many women I know, and some lovely men, have been opening to higher vibrations of our inner feminine, and realizing that the Divine Feminine is the true source of healing for all that separates us from Her.  As we allow Her to nurture us and love us, we find ourselves brought back to our true, Authentic nature through associating with Hers.

 In so many channelings I give now and in healings I facilitate, women are led back into their Essence nature and coaxed lovingly into taking ownership of their bodies, becoming sovereign in their lives.  Repeatedly, I see people drop deep into their pain and feel their loss only to find that dropping down in, within the presence of Spirit, often means dropping on through to the essential nature that is beneath all wounds.

At our core we can never be wounded, never changed, for at our core we are the Divine Child, untouched by life.  Who would you put outside God, beyond Goddess's omnipresence?  If yourself, why?  Who else?

 It's time to stop playing small and to open the inquiry of what it would be like to live as if we live in the universe where Goddess reigns Supreme.   What if we operate as if She can return by our believing She is returning?  What if we trust that the triple functions of Goddess as Creator, Preserver, Destroyer can handle the details?  Caroline Casey says we vote for our reality by what we choose to think and share.  Why not vote for the return of balance and peace and sanity by allowing our goddess nature to emerge from within?

 Through more than a thousand channelings, I've seen how feminine deities guide us so gently home to the love that we are, to the strength our soul holds for us, and to the knowledge we glean from lifetimes.  In many readings, Goddess Aphrodite has spoken about the temples we are helping to return on earth.  I see evidence of these temples developing and gravitate toward women who choose to live in these ancient ways.   Wherever I find women who openly enjoy their High Priestess archetype (we all have one), I find Tantra and conscious work with sexuality.

 It's clear to me that the veils between the worlds are thinner now, and it feels as if some veils have been lifted from my head as well, and others report the same.  I think we may be breaking clear of the fog of the Piscean age into the clarity of sight that an Aquarian age can bring.   Astrologers agree we'll still feel the influence of three eclipses at the end of the Saturn-Pluto opposition in late May for at least six months.  Deep changes are afoot, especially in the structure of how we do things, and new doors seem to be opening.

 I have the privilege of being guided in helping create a temple in which women can heal their sexuality and their relationship to being a woman and having a body.   In workshops that blend sensual and erotic openings with good boundaries and healthy communication skills, we learn to bring forward the Divine Lover archetype (everyone has one) and develop skills to let her play through us in the world. 

When Goddess walked on earth through her priestesses, we would go to the temples of love to be taught about love and the arts of sustaining eros and sensuality.  At each passage--menses, first love-making, committing to another, marriage, menopause-we were supported in the temple in learning the skills of romantic and sexual love and of intimacy.  We held our original innocence for there was no inequality, no thought of harming another because harm was not done.  Like Bali today, the sacred was a part of all of life.

With the support of assistants who are trained in erotic and healing arts, we recreate these safe havens in which to learn the wisdom our ancestors passed on for generations.  Women who've studied Tantra before, including elders, healers, dancers, and singers help new women open to the Inner Lover and widen their capacity for pleasure and ecstasy.  I believe I see Goddess smiling.