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Evalena Rose, M. A.,, enjoys offering MetaTherapy, multi-dimensional healing and channeled readings to help people heal emotionally and spiritually and has for 30 years. Twelve years of leading Sacred Sexuality workshops for women led to the founding of the LoveJourney community in 1997. Since that time, she has been sponsoring workshops and supporting a compassionate community practicing the highest erotic and romantic arts.

Bisexual and openhearted by nature, Evalena has made a study of relationships, sexuality, and healthy intimacy that allows all people to be fully who they are. She brings to this work her degrees in psychology and decades of study in alternative healing, shamanism, and Eastern spiritual paths. She entered the world of Tantra in 1987 and realized its potential for helping achieve a wholeness beyond what therapy can offer.

Evalena coaches women and couples in how to apply Tantra in their lives and in developing communication that sustains intimacy. Each learns to ask for what she wants through effective erotic communication. The explorations, especially the Sacred Evenings for Lovers and longer intensives, may include Tantric breath practices, body image, sensual massage, movement and ritual. With warmth and humor, she creates safe and sacred space for emotional and sexual healing that clears trauma and abuse, opening the way for new levels of ecstasy.


"Evalena, I love the way you teach. You open your heart so beautifully to all of us. You are definitely an inspiration to me as a teacher, healer, and friend."
- A. L., Assistant

"I was amazed by the endless tools you have in your bags and so enjoy and depend on the net Evalena weaves to hold us all in whatever the day becomes. Sharon's creative force and limitless friendliness make it all so safe."
- L. M., participant

Guest Teachers and Assistants
The ancient peoples understood it takes a community of trained priestesses to support the process of opening one's sexuality and learn the arts of sacred love-making. They peopled their temples with dakinis (sexual healers). We people our workshops with women who've studied Tantra for many years and give of their time for the beauty of assisting other women to open. Many are trained in bodywork, therapy or healing, able to deeply support women in dropping old wounds and held emotions.

Lindy James is a Certified Tantric Educator. with 20 years of Tantra studies, trained in the Hakomi Method, body-centered psychotherapy. Lindy loves to help people find the connection of heart and sexuality. She has a talent for creating safe environmentsthat inspire and nurture the spirit. She offers sessions in the Art of Conscious Loving, Intimacy coaching, Wind Horse, a unique blend of Hakomi and horseback riding. She is available for groups and private sessions with couples or individuals. www.lindyjames.com Lindy@LindyJames.com

"In all my work, my central focus in sacred intimacy"


Afia Walking Tree, M.Ed.  Jamaican-born and raised, internationally acclaimed master percussionist and visionary facilitator, says we are on a journey to re-emerge as new beings and the DRUM is one essential vehicle here as guide, companion, and activator.  Blending her love as an earth steward, she is currently co-creating sustainable life art practices while tending our cultural humility with regenerative gardens and landscapes that support our movement forward to land-based systems. Afia currently lives in Sebastopol.   spiritdrumz.org  spiritdrumz@me.com


Shakti Shen is a national tantra teacher. She teaches tantra in various healing centers across America. She brings a spirit of freedom from practicing Tantra for thirty years. Shakti has developed Ecstatic Touch Kundalini Bodywork from her decades of study in the fusion of therapeutic and tantric bodywork styles, and she brings this ecstatic art to life with her poetic and passionate teaching style. Shakti chants ‘tantric music’ in our workshops that she has gathered from various spiritual ashrams around the world, and unites singing circles in the one voice of passionate Spirit.


Sophia, SongHealer, is an internationally acclaimed recording artist who has been performing since the sixties. Her music is healing, uplifting and inspiring. Her "voice of gold, full of power and love" is often heard in Tantric rituals and love-making. Her latest masterpiece, Chakra Healing Chants, which guides you on an amazing journey through the chakras, is available here. Her albums, on which she is accompanied by inspired virtuosos along with her own zither, tamboura, percussion, dulcimer and guitar, are available through songhealer.net. She can be reached at songhealer@earthlink.net.


"I have so much respect for the assistants gift of time spent with us. More than anything I see you all letting the bird of our new community fly out of your hands--we retain the shelter as our wings spread ever further.
- L. M., participant
Evalena's explanations and demonstrations have been consistently excellent, and their and the assistants' availability and willingness to provide emotional support to women who want it is one of the features of this workshop that really set it apart from others I have participated in."
- N. V., participant (Katie was a former co-teacher in 1990-2000)
"When we entered the Tantric temple you all created, we dwelled in a sacred space where we were lovingly supported and nurtured in our healing work."
~N.V., participant

"I always feel held in the most beautiful way."
- J. T., participant